Zendesk for WooCommerce



When your support staff is processing a support request from a customer, they have full access to a complete order history for the customer, directly in the Zendesk ticket window. The overview show you all details regarding the order:

  • Order date/time
  • Full customer details, including email, phone, order- and delivery address
  • Full overview of order lines, shipping, payment and total order amount
  • All order transactions, including order comments and notes

The app automatically fetches all tickets from the customer, in Zendesk, and show them on the order management page in WooCommerce. This makes it quick and easy for any staff, to see if there are open support requests from the customer, that might be related to the current order.

With just two clicks, you can create a new Zendesk ticket, right from the order management page in WooCommerce. Customer name and email, and vital details about the order, is automatically added to the ticket, all you have to do is entering ticket subject and description.

You got the option for automatically create a new end-user in Zendesk, based on the customer details on a new order. In addition to name and email, the customers address and phone number will be added to the end-user in Zendesk. If the customer already exist in Zendesk, the record will be updated, instead of creating a  new end-user.

The creation of end-users in Zendesk is done through the use of WooCommerce web hooks, so it doesn’t impact the ordering experience for the customer or slow the webshop down in any way.

You have the option of automatically create a new ticket in Zendesk, when a new order is received in WooCommerce, based on the parameters you specify.

A ticket can be created if one of the following factors are true, on the order:

  • Order contain an order comment from the customer
  • Order is paid by a specific payment type
  • Order is shipped by a specific shipment type
  • Order contain a specific product
  • Total order amount is above a given amount
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Zendesk for WooCommerce is an easy to use integration, that brings you all vital order details from WooCommerce, right into the ticket window in Zendesk. Similar, you get all ticket details from Zendesk, right in the order manager in WooCommerce. Give your support staff the full overview, without having to constantly move between the admin system of your webshop and Zendesk.

How to order

You can download and buy the app through the Zendesk Marketplace.

Installation instructions

Instructions on how to install and configure the Zendesk for WooCommerce integration, can be found here.