What we do

We don't do everything, but the things we do, we do well

We got a very diversified team of dedicated professionals with a broad range of expertise’s. However, we do not try to be “jack of all trades” and we specialize in the things we do best; eCommerce and system integration.


Zendesk app development

Zendesk is the market leader in cloud based customer service software, used by more than 60.000 companies around the world. We can assist with developing custom Zendesk apps and integrate Zendesk with third party systems. We have successfully developed integrations for a broad range of clients, including organizations like UNICEF and FedEx.

eCommerce solutions

We got years of experience in developing turn-key eCommerce solutions for clients around the world. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel at every new project, so we base most of our solutions on Magento or WooCommerce, but modified and tailored to each clients needs and budget.


Podio integrations

Podio is the central business management tool in our organization, and we simply love it.  As a certified Podio implementation- and integration partner, we can assist our clients in getting the most out of this great tool and seamlessly integrate Podio with other services and tools.